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Einhell Online Factory Outlet Store

Items sold on this page are graded returns that are brand new, refurbished or end of line stock. Our product selection covers a wide range of applications in home and garden, as well as garage and workshop. In addition to reliable quality, comprehensive services and an outstanding price-performance ratio is ensured. Orders are delivered within 5 working days of being placed on our eBay shop.

Exclusive offers and prices

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Second-hand articles

Proven quality with manufacturer's guarantee

  • Every second hand article is a used product that comes from returns, demonstrations, repairs, or similar
  • Second hand articles may have slight visual defects (scratches, dents, etc.)
  • On the package advertised special accessories (drills, bits, tape measure, or similar) may be possibly partially or entirely absent

New articles

Exclusive offers and prices for sets and kits

  • New articles are unopened goods
  • On the package advertised special accessories are included