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For over 20 years Ozito has proudly helped its customers grow and nurture their love for building, gardening and creating. As a member of the Einhell Group we want to lead the way when it comes to providing accessible, affordable, QUALITY power tools for home and garden. In Australia, we are the power tools brand of choice for everyday DIY enthusiasts. Our product range stretches from benchtop tools to grass trimmers and our ever-growing Lithium-Ion battery platform Power X-Change, delivers cordless freedom to our customers – all with the same 18V battery. When some of our tools require more power – then simply use two batteries. This way you can use every battery with every tool.

Ozito arrived in the UK as part of the Einhell group in the 2016 with a broad range of power and garden tools.


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Ozito Power X-Change

One battery powers the entire range

  • Ozito Power X-Change is compatible with all Einhell Power X-Change power and garden tools. 
  • Over 70+ tools in the range - all powered off one battery platform 
  • Eliminate cables and save money with Ozito cordless one battery platform

Ozito UK Service

For any questions on your Ozito products

  • For all enquiries about Ozito products and warranty contact Einhell customer service 
  • Customer service here for all product queries, technical difficulties or any additional information