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First aid for your car or motorcycle battery
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We've all experienced this: You get into your car, turn the ignition and... nothing happens. Wouldn't it be great to have just the right equipment in the garage to quickly fix the problem? A battery charger from Einhell provides your car battery with fresh energy in no time - and the motor springs back to life. With us you will find chargers in various sizes and designs, from the rugged compact device to the powerful workshop charger with alternating charging voltage.

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Different battery chargers


Battery chargers with microprocessors

Our microprocessor-controlled, smart battery chargers are available in various different designs and sizes – so you'll find the right battery charger for every vehicle battery. Microprocessor-controlled chargers are real all-rounders, as they are suitable for gel batteries, AGMs, as well as maintenance-free and low-maintenance lead-acid batteries. The multi-stage, microprocessor-controlled and monitored charging process always maintains the optimum state of charge and optimises battery life and performance. Your battery gets the best possible charge thanks to the smart charger and the charge retention function also ensures that your battery is fully charged and ready for use at all times. When maintenance charging seasonal vehicles such as convertibles, classic cars, motorcycles, motorhomes or quadbikes, the hanging loop that can be used to attach the charger to the wall also proves very useful.


man uses battery charger from Einhell


analogue battery charger from Einhell

Analogue battery chargers

One of the first in-house developments and a bestseller was an analogue charger for car batteries from Einhell. It is not uncommon to find these devices – some of which are already over 50 years old – still in use in a number of garages. Today you can still buy powerful and durable analogue chargers from Einhell. The analogue battery chargers are built robustly with a sheet steel housing and are insulated for protection. Overload, reverse polarity and short circuit protection, as well as the fully insulated pole clamps, make the chargers safe to use. Recharge your car battery in no time.


Battery chargers with jump start function

Some Einhell battery chargers are also practical 2-in-1 devices. As well as charging car batteries, the powerful chargers can also be used as a jump starter for your car, making them indispensable in an emergency. The charger needs a lot of power to jump start a vehicle. Sufficient current is provided by the microprocessor-controlled battery chargers CE-BC 15 M, CE-BC 30 M and the analogue model CC-BC 30/1. With these powerful chargers you can charge batteries of cars, boats, tractors, motorhomes and trucks. You can also use them as jump starts if a car won't start at all.


jump starting with battery chargers from Einhell


chart: which battery charger for which vehicle?

Which charger is right for your vehicle?

Whether you have a motorcycle, car or truck – you should choose the right charger depending on the size of the battery. The higher the amperage provided by the charger, the faster it charges the battery. A battery charger with a charging current corresponding to one tenth of the battery capacity is ideal. So, while you need maximum power for truck batteries, a charger with less power is sufficient for motorcycle batteries. For small cars, in which batteries with a capacity of approx. 45 Ah are usually installed, the battery chargers CE-BC 4 M and CE-BC 6 M with 12V charging voltage and 4 Ah are suitable, for example. The table shows which microprocessor-controlled battery charger is suitable for which vehicle class.


Different functions of the battery chargers

The battery chargers from Einhell have different practical modes that can be very useful in certain situations. You should always read the operating instructions beforehand to find out how to use the modes correctly.


  1. Winter charging mode

It's freezing outside and your car just won't start. Then you need the winter charging mode! At low temperatures below 5°C, a higher charging voltage is necessary to charge the car battery. In winter charging mode, this is automatically optimised so that the battery is also ready for use on cold days.

man uses battery charger from Einhell



Einhell battery charger

  1. Recondition mode

Recondition mode makes it possible to charge discharged lead-acid batteries again. In this charging programme, charging is carried out with increased charging end voltage and constant current charging to restore the charging capability. In some cases, old, almost completely discharged car batteries can be reactivated to be recharged and used again.



  1. Power supply mode

Power supply mode is a power supply programme that is essential when replacing batteries. Power supply mode is used to provide continued power when a new battery is inserted so that important programme settings can be maintained.

Einhell battery chargers come with a power supply mode



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