Einhell Compliance – our sense of responsibility

The corporate culture at Einhell UK Limited is characterised by clear responsibility, mutual respect and trust. Lawful and ethical conduct are an integral part of our business activities and an important prerequisite for sustainably securing our business success. Our primary goal is to avoid all risk that could damage the trust our customers, shareholders, business partners and the public have in Einhell UK Limited.

Whistleblowing procedure

All employees can direct any questions they may have to their managers and to the relevant departments at Einhell UK Limited, in particular the Legal Department and the Corporate Audit Office.

The Einhell Compliance Contact is also available to all employees, customers, suppliers and other external partners as a reference point for all compliance-related questions. The same applies if weaknesses or other circumstances are noted that may lead to infringements of the law. Einhell UK Limited assures that all enquiries and reports received will be treated confidentially and will not make any attempts to identify the person who has made the report. This does not apply to abusive or false reports.

The Einhell Compliance Contact is available in English:

Email: [email protected]