Simple, fast and accurate: Measuring equipment from Einhell

Find the right measurement technology for every project

Looking to get started on a big DIY project? Even before getting materials, one thing will be at the top of your list: Measuring. Einhell laser rangefinders help you quickly measure distances, areas and even volumes of a room with the utmost precision. And that precision is important because ultimately even millimetres can determine whether or not your project succeeds. Whether for floors or tiles, precisely marking out flower beds or making sure your new wall cupboard fits exactly into the intended niche, a laser measuring tool simplifies every DIY project and should be part of the basic equipment in every good workshop. For example, if you want to hang several pictures on the wall at the same height, a line laser, e.g. a laser levelling device or a cross line laser, is a great help.
In addition to measuring technology with lasers, Einhell also offers testing devices that reliably determine other values and quantities. A digital detector, for example, shows you where pipes and cables run in the wall, and a wood moisture measuring device not only determines the ambient temperature, but also the moisture in wood, cardboard, mortar, concrete or plaster.