Power X-Boostcharger 8A

Item no.: 4512155 EAN: 4006825670554
  • Fastest charger in the Power X-Change system range
  • 8A fast charging technology for even shorter charging times
  • 62% shorter charging times thanks to switchable boost mode
  • Permanent battery monitoring for optimal charging
  • Reactivation of deeply discharged batteries through refresh mode
  • Information on battery and charging status via 6-way LED display
  • Simple wall bracketing thanks to integrated hanging loops
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Article description

With the Original Einhell Power X-Boostcharger 8A, all batteries in the Power X-Change system series can be charged even more quickly. One battery for all devices: Power X-Change batteries can be used in all devices in the powerful Einhell system series. The charger can be used universally for all PXC batteries. The advantages for customers are clear: with one battery and one charger for all devices, you not only save considerable costs on the purchase, its universal nature protects the environment and also offers flexibility in the home and garden. Thanks to the 8A fast charging technology, charging times are even shorter, and the battery is constantly monitored by the smart charging management system for optimal charging and top safety. With the help of the integrated boost mode, the battery charging time can even be shortened by up to 62%. But there is always the choice: If the boost mode button is not pressed, the charger will charge the battery gently and in normal mode. Thanks to the refresh mode, in many cases it is also possible to reactivate deeply discharged batteries in order to recharge them normally afterwards. All current information on the charging and battery status is provided via a 7-stage LED status indicator. For space-saving, easy installation on the wall, extra hanging loops are integrated into the charger's housing.

Technical details

Number of charging points1
Output current8 A
Output voltage18 V
Product weight0 Kg

Reduced charging time

Charge Power X-Change batteries faster with boost mode

With the Power X-Boostcharger 8A, Power X-Change batteries are charged faster than ever thanks to 8A fast-charging technology: an 8 Ah battery is recharged after just one hour. Depending on the situation, the following can be decided: If the battery is to be ready for use as quickly as possible, the charging time can be shortened by up to 60% thanks to the boost mode that can be switched on. Outside the boost mode, the charger gently charges the battery with normal charging time.


Space-saving installation

With the help of the hanging loops integrated in the housing, the charger can also be mounted on the wall in a simple and space-saving manner.


Practical LED display

The clear 7-stage status LED display provides information about the charging process and the status of the battery at all times.

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