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Item no.: 49510950 EAN: 4009315109503
  • Original Einhell Grinding and Engraving Set
  • Set consisting of 61 individual pieces
  • Delivery sorted in a practical storage box
  • 2x Engraving knives
  • 1x High-speed milling cutter
  • 3x Diamond-coated routers
  • 1x Tungsten carbide round milling cutter
  • 1x Diamond engraving tip
  • 6x Corundum grinding wheels (3x cone and 3x cylinder each)
  • 4x Polishing wheel with clamping mandrel
  • 1x Wire brush
  • 5x Cutting disc
  • 12x Sanding belt (4x each of K60, K80, K120)
  • 10x Grinding wheel (5x each of K180, K240)
  • 8x Collet and 2x Clamping nut
  • 2x Work arbor for grinding and cutting discs
  • 2x Grinding mandrel
  • 1x Wrench
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Article description

The original Einhell 61-piece Grinding and Engraving Accessory Set can be used with Einhell grinding and engraving tools TC-MG 135 E, TE-MT 7.2 Li, and TE-MT 18/34 Li. With various engraving knives, cutters, grinding bodies, sanding belts, and polishing discs, a variety of grinding and engraving tasks can be accomplished precisely, easily, and quickly. The set includes: 2x engraving knives, 1x high-speed milling cutter, 3x diamond-coated routers, 1x tungsten carbide round milling cutter, 1x diamond engraving tip, 3x conical corundum grinding tip, 3x cylindrical corundum grinding tip, 4x polishing wheel with clamping mandrel, 1x wire brush, 5x cutting disc, 12x sanding belt (4x each of K60, K80, K120), 10x grinding wheel (5x each of K180, K240), 2x collet set with 4x collets and 1x collet nut each, 1x wrench, 2x clamping mandrel for grinding and cutting discs, 2x grinding mandrel.

Technical details

Number of accessory boxes1 pcs
Number of attachments for sanding roller12 pcs
Number of clamping sleeves10 pcs
Number of felt polishing discs9 pcs
Number of grinding pins stone6 pcs
Number of hand wire brushes1 pcs
Number of open-end spanners1 pcs
Number of parts accessories set61 pcs
Number of sanding rollers3 pcs
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