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Cordless screwdrivers are part of every basic tool kit. Whether putting together furniture or making small repairs: If you want to avoid tightening screws by hand, reach for a cordless screwdriver. The cordless drill driver, on the other hand, combines the advantages of a cordless screwdriver with those of a drill. Thanks to the very versatile Power X-Change system, the power supply of an Einhell cordless screwdriver is completely intuitive. All batteries and equipment in the system are compatible with each other. So ideal if you want to expand your tool assortment, with a cordless drill driver, for example. It combines the advantages of a cordless screwdriver with those of a drill. Even with an impact function if desired!

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What to look out for when purchasing a cordless screwdriver

The battery-powered tools are available in different price categories and models and therefore differ considerably in terms of equipment and quality. Here we show you what to look our for when making a purchase.


  1. Battery and quality

One important thing you need to make sure of when purchasing a cordless screwdriver is the quality of the battery. The higher the battery's capacity, the longer you can work on your projects without interruption. In this respect, you can't go far wrong with the 2.0 Ah batteries from Einhell, because thanks to the spare battery you can continue to work almost indefinitely, and for a reasonable price. The quality also plays a decisive role, as the electrical tool is exposed to high loads. A high-quality finish made of robust material as well as an efficient motor are therefore essential.

man with a Power X-Change cordless screwdriver from Einhell


cordless impact drill from Einhell

  1. Performance, bits and additional functions

The performance of the cordless tool is also important. The higher the performance, the deeper you can drill and the harder workpieces you can machine. It is also advantageous if you can adjust the torque to different settings. The tool should also have different bits and a magnetic bit holder for quick and simple tool switching. Additional functions such as an integrated light, for example, will make your work much easier in dark corners, and an impact drilling function is particularly useful if nuts and bolts are very tight.

  1. Functionality

It is also highly advisable to consider what you want to use the electric tool for when buying it. For versatile projects, a cordless drill driver is more suitable than a cordless screwdriver, as many of the models are equipped with a 2-speed transmission. The cordless drill driver is not only efficient and makes machining materials much easier, but it can also help you to work on your projects much more flexibly. With a slow, powerful speed, you can screw into the workpiece, and then use the quick speed to drill deep holes in a flash. You should also make sure that the electric tool is equipped with a torque limiter to avoid overload situations.


cordless screwdriver from Einhell are efficient

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