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Simple, fast and laser-precise: Einhell measuring equipment
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Measuring inaccuracies can significantly influence the success of a project. With Einhell laser measuring equipment, you can quickly determine distances, areas and even volumes of a room with the utmost precision. A laser beam is aimed at the target point, without intermediate measuring points or assistance. Be it laying floors or laying tiles or setting out beds precisely: a laser measuring device significantly simplifies every home improvement project and is therefore our recommendation for every good tool cabinet! An Einhell tracking device that shows you wires and pipes in the wall should be right at hand.

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The different measuring equipment from Einhell


Laser measuring tool

Whether working with distances, areas or volumes, a laser rangefinder delivers precise results when measuring. The handy, portable rangefinder is always used when the exact determination of a distance or area is required. Depending on the model, the rangefinders can determine measuring ranges of up to 60 metres using lasers. In addition to accurate measurement, the laser measuring tools are also equipped with other useful functions such as a Pythagoras function and a stake-out function. You can also save the last measurement results or use the rangefinder as a digital spirit level.


Einhell Laser measuring tool


Einhell Cross line laser

Cross line laser

Accuracy is the measure of all things when it comes to renovations, installations or laying work. To lay tiles in an exactly straight line or to align objects at the same height in the room, a cross line laser is the perfect tool. With the cross line laser you project a laser cross and/or a horizontal or vertical line onto the wall. Depending on the model, you can even use the cross laser to project a horizontal 360° line across the entire room onto the wall. All cross line lasers are self-levelling and you can also use them as spirit levels. If you choose a model with a thread, the cross line laser can also be used with a tripod.


Laser levelling devices

Want to put several pictures on the wall at exactly the same height? A handy laser leveller is the right tool for the job! The laser levelling device can be used as a line laser, a point laser and a spirit level. A red laser, which is precisely and automatically aligned thanks to integrated bubble levels, shows you straight horizons using a line of up to 5 metres long or a laser dot up to 20 metres away. A flexible wall mount keeps the device in place and your hands free.


Einhell Laser levelling device


Einhell Digitales detector

Digital detectors

Quickly hang a shelf on the wall and before you know it, you've drilled through an electric cable. A digital detector will help you avoid this, as it can accurately locate metals, wood, ferrous metals, copper and electrical wiring in drywall. The locator can be operated intuitively and when it encounters a cable, it emits an audible warning signal. The compact locator will automatically turn off to conserve battery power if not used for over a minute.


Wood moisture meters

Firewood should be well dried before it is burned, because too much moisture in the wood causes more smoke, can be harmful to health and provides little heating value. To measure the residual moisture, you need a wood moisture meter. The device can also determine the moisture in paper and cardboard, as well as in solid materials such as mortar, concrete or gypsum. Building defects or pipe bursts can also be detected with the wood moisture meter. And the tester can also determine the temperature in the environment.


Einhell Wood moisture meter

What to look out for when buying a measuring equipment

In the following, we'll explain to you what makes a good laser measuring tool, cross line laser, laser leveller, wood moisture meter or precise digital detector, why line lasers should be self-levelling and what questions you should ask yourself when choosing measuring technology.


  1. What do you want to measure?

Depending on what you want to measure – i.e. distance, area, volume, humidity or temperature – you should choose the right device. Laser measuring tools are suitable for measuring distance, and a cross line laser or laser level is recommended for establishing height horizons. If you want to find cables and pipes, you should use a digital detector, and to determine residual moisture in wood and other materials, you need a wood moisture meter.

using an Einhell laser measuring tool


Accurate measurement with Einhell laser measuring tools

  1. Measurement accuracy

If you choose a laser device with a point or line laser, you should make sure that the rangefinder or line laser is self-levelling. Self-levelling means that the laser aligns itself and you will receive a warning if it is tilted more than 4°. Many devices can also be used as a digital spirit level, so they provide a dual function. You should also first check what range your rangefinder or laser has, to make sure that it is suitable for your project.

  1. Practical handling

A useful feature of laser measuring tools is that they store the last results. Depending on the model, you can store up to 50 measurements. Wall brackets, which are included in delivery with the laser leveller, are also a practical help. If you want to use a cross line laser with a tripod, you should first check whether a corresponding thread for the tripod is integrated in the housing. All measuring equipment is supplied with a bag for safe storage.


Measuring with a Cross line laser from Einhell


Professional tips from real DIY experts

In the blog, our DIY experts explain what you need to look out for when working with your rangefinder, cross laser, laser leveller, wood moisture meter or digital locator.

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