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Drilling, hammer drilling and chiseling: with an Einhell hammer drill you have the full 4-in-1 power for the toughest drilling and chiseling jobs. Thanks to the pneumatic striking mechanism, you can use them to perform chiseling and demolition work and to drill even into the hardest materials, such as stone or concrete. This makes the Einhell rotary hammers versatile tools. If you are solely looking for a tool for demolition and breakthrough work, you will also find a pure demolition hammer in the Einhell range.

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The range of different rotary hammer drills and demolition hammers from Einhell


The cordless rotary hammer drill

The Einhell cordless rotary hammer drills are perfect whenever you have drilling work to do at home that a conventional drill wouldn't be able to handle. Drilling and chiselling in the hardest walls are also easy work for cordless rotary hammer drills. And they are also perfect for caulking work. Depending on the model,the cordless rotary hammer drill from Einhell offer up to five different functions: Whether you're drilling, hammer drilling, chiselling with or without fixing, or screwing with a bit adapter, anything is possible with a cordless rotary hammer drill. Thanks to the Power X-Change system, the cordless rotary hammer drills from Einhell also hold up very well in continuous operation.


man drills with cordless rotary hammer drill in concrete


man uses corded rotary hammer drill from Einhell

The corded rotary hammer drill

A corded tool is particularly suitable for you if you have planned longer and more extensive projects for which the rotary hammer drill will be in use for a long time in one stretch. If the rotary hammer drill is corded, you can also drill or chisel over a longer period of time and save battery charging time. So, if you are planning longer lasting projects and you always have a nearby power outlet or the appropriate extension cord available, a corded drill is the right choice for you.


The demolition hammer for renovation work

The demolition hammers from Einhell are perfect for renovation work and are great for breaking up hard materials like concrete. With a demolition hammer you can easily remove and chisel tiles from floors and walls, make wall openings, tear down small brick walls and chisel into concrete. Thanks to its powerful demolition performance, the demolition hammer is particularly suitable for a wide range of chiselling and caulking work, such as gas, water and electrical installations.


man uses demolition hammer from Einhell


Why choose a rotary hammer drill from Einhell?

Buying rotary and demolition hammers from Einhell means a reliable tool that makes your work easier, as well as an all-rounder that can be used in various ways. We not only impress with high-quality products, but also with a superb price-performance ratio. Here's what makes them so special:


Powerful battery system

The rotary hammer drills from Einhell are particularly powerful, durable and, thanks to the Power X-Change battery system, also very practical and flexible in use. A rotary hammer drill with a rechargeable battery also offers you the advantage that you can tackle any project without having to think about a power connection or extension cable. In addition, a drill with a rechargeable battery is particularly safe because you do not run the risk of the cable getting caught in the drill while you are working. Due to the ergonomic handle, the devices are very comfortable to use. The Einhell drilling devices are particularly suitable for working on hard rock and it takes very little effort compared to a conventional drill. Thanks to modern and innovative technology, Einhell rotary hammer drills offer you more functions than a drill and are available at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Einhell rotary hammer drills are available for you with the Power X-Change battery system or corded power supply. Comes in a transport and storage case. The battery and charger as well as other accessories, for example a battery light for even better visibility during your drilling work, are available separately at an attractive price.


cordless rotary hammer from Einhell



Longer running time and more power

The brushless motor gives you longer running times and more power than conventional carbon brush motors. The models are equipped with either the SDS-Plus tool holder or the SDS-max tool holder, which allows you to easily change the tool. This way you can easily choose the right drill bit or chisel for your rotary hammer drill for your projects.

Features for comfortable drilling

Thanks to their ergonomic handle, the rotary hammers are very comfortable to use and enable quiet, continuous drilling, chiselling and caulking. The robust metal drill depth stop is also infinitely adjustable. The LED light integrated in the drill ensures that your workplace is always well lit so that you can work particularly precisely and accurately.




demolition hammer from Einhell

Demolition hammers: flexible and reliable

The SDS-max tool holder or the SDS-hex tool holder in the demolition hammer makes it easy to change the tool and, depending on the application, you can clamp in the right tool – the drill bit and chisel, for example. The demolition hammers from Einhell are designed to be particularly flexible, as the additional handle can be adjusted by 180°, allowing the demolition hammer to be adapted to any work situation. In addition, thanks to the rubber cable with the demolition hammer, it is possible to carry out work up to a radius of three metres without restrictions. The demolition hammer is ready for immediate use thanks to the chisel included. The demolition hammer comes in a practical transport and storage case.


Tips to get the most out of your rotary hammer drills and demolition hammers


Working with protection

To ensure that you enjoy working with an Einhell rotary hammer drill and can implement all your plans and projects, you can find out which accessories you will need here. On a construction site, a lot of dust and splinters are whirled through the air when working with a rotary hammer drill. For this reason it is important that you specially protect your face when working with the drill. Safety goggles, even for those who wear glasses, and suitable breathing protection are essential to protect your airways and eyes. We also advise you to always wear hearing protection when working with a rotary hammer drill, as the high noise level can put a lot of strain on your ears.

Making the most of the tool's versatility

The rotary hammer drill and demolition hammer from Einhell can take care of any task. Where drills fail, rotary hammer drills easily make it through the hardest materials such as brick, stone or concrete. But to get the most out of the rotary hammer drill it is advisable to choose the right drill bit or chisel for the job. You can find out which drill bit or chisel is the right choice for your project in our Einhell blog.



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