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From the versatile router to the specialised biscuit jointers, Einhell offers a range of different routers that are perfectly tailored for each requirement. The versatile router is ideally suitable for template or freehand routing, groove cutting and profiling. With biscuit jointers it is possible to make clean joints, for the production of perfect butt joints and cabinet joints for numerous applications.

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The different wood milling machines and routers from Einhell



Whether you are using a template or working freehand to cut lettering, a long groove or circles in a wooden workpiece or to machine edges – with the router you are perfectly equipped to achieve good results in your DIY work. Einhell routers are equipped with a powerful motor that ensures optimum routing results in both soft and hard wood. You can work comfortably with the handy devices, not least because of their low weight. Depending on which cutter or router you use in your tool, you can carry out both coarse and fine milling work. Clean work is made possible by the suction adapter, which is compatible with all Einhell wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

Router from Einhell


Flat dowel cutter from Einhell

Flat dowel cutter

Enjoy making your own furniture? Then you'll know just how important a stable connection between the individual boards is. If the wooden boards are very thin, however, you often cannot use conventional round dowels. And that's where flat dowels come into play! To make it easier to cut the thin grooves for flat dowels in your wooden workpiece, it is best to use a special flat dowel cutter, which is also often called a groove cutter. The Einhell flat dowel cutters create routing depths of up to 14 mm and thus enable the use of different sized, commercially available wooden flat dowels up to type 20.


What to look out for when purchasing a wood milling machine or router

Whether it's a groove cutter for flat dowels or a flexible router – choosing the right tool is not always an easy task. In the following, we explain what our routers offer you and which features could be decisive for your purchase decision.


  1. Power and speed control

Routing in soft wood is no problem for most wood milling machines. To cut into hard wood, you need more power, so you should pay attention to the wattage of your tool. In addition to choosing the right router, you should also be able to adjust the speed in order to work as cleanly as possible with the material. This is the only way to achieve clean results with your tool, regardless of whether you are working with a conventional wood milling machine or a groove cutter.

Speed control of an Einhell router


depth adjustment of an Einhell router

  1. Height and depth adjustment

Also want to use templates for routing work? Then you should make sure that the stroke height is as high as possible. The higher the stroke height, the greater the routing depths possible. You should also be able to adjust the routing depth easily and accurately. All our routers are equipped with a multi-stage turret stop that you can use to determine the routing depth. The adjustable depth fine adjustment also ensures maximum precision.

  1. Practical accessories

For perfect woodworking, you need the right accessories. With the help of the clamping lever, you can easily fix the right cutter in your router at a certain depth setting. With a rip fence that can be mounted on both sides, you achieve precise and accurate routing results. Depending on the model, a copying sleeve for working precisely with templates or a compass tip for routing circles are also included in delivery.


Einhell router in use

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