Full power for demanding forest applications
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Whether in the forest, home or garden, whether for firewood or tree maintenance: Chainsaws from Einhell cover a particularly wide range of applications for amateur gardeners. The pruner is a small chainsaw with a telescopic handle, which can trim trees and shrubs from the ground. Petrol chainsaws are mobile powerhouses for demanding forestry work. Electric chainsaws are lighter, quieter and emission-free, which has a very positive effect on working comfort. Cordless chainsaws from the Power X-Change system are particularly flexible and easy to use.

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The different Einhell chainsaws


Cordless chainsaws

Environmentally friendly, quiet and powerful — that's Einhell cordless chainsaws. No reliance on petrol or tripping over annoying cables, you can work unhindered with a cordless chainsaw. Compared to a petrol chainsaw, the cordless model is not only quieter, but also low maintenance and environmentally friendly, because it has no exhaust fumes. Besides the 18-volt models there are also more powerful 36-volt models that compete with the petrol varieties in terms of technical performance. Insert the right Einhell Power X-Change lithium ion battery, put chain oil in the tank and away you go. All cordless chainsaws are equipped with a tool-free chain tensioning and changing system to ensure optimum tension and fast and efficient work. So you saw safely and there is very little wear on the chain.


Einhell cordless chainsaw


Einhell electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaws

If you are going to be working for a long time with the motor saw, you can pick up an electric chainsaw. The powerful motor of the electric chainsaw provides more than 1,800 watts of continuous power to carry out demanding sawing work powerfully and permanently. With chain speeeds of around 15 metres per second you also achieve very good cutting results with the electric chainsaw. The cable strain relief also prevents the cable being damaged and ensures it isn't accidentally pulled out of the socket.


Petrol chainsaws

You can work with a petrol chainsaw without a cable connection or charging time. The powerful motor on a petrol chainsaw is impressive, with higher constant power. You can cut through very thick branches, tree trunks and very hard wood effortlessly. Depending on the model, the petrol chainsaw can also achieve very high cutting performance with a chain speed of more than 20 metres per second. The digital ignition by auto-choke and primer also enables the engine to be started easily and the engine to run smoothly.


Einhell petrol chainsaw


Einhell pole pruner

Pole pruners

Want to cut down high branches? You can do this quite well without wobbly ladders with Einhell pole pruners. They reliably cut off even thick branches with the help of a small chainsaw at the end of a telescopic shaft. You're working with a shorter cutting length, but a longer reach. The telescopic chainsaw is available with different drive types or as a mult-function tool. You can work cordlessly with the Power X-Change cordless pole pruner, the PXC cordless multi-function tool or the petrol multi-function tool. Power socket not a problem? Then you can also pick up the electirc pole pruner.


Cordless pruning saw

The cordless pruning saw is perfectl for cutting branches from trees and shrubs within arm's reach. So it's the perfect tool for daily work in the garden. The cordless pruning saw cuts branches up to 90 mm thick with a saw blade that moves linearly backwards and forwards. So it works on a different principle to the classic chainsaws, which act with a saw bar and chain. An integrated branch bracket also helps to saw more precisely by hooking the saw onto the branch and making it easier to pull towards. Depending on which Power X-Change battery the pruning saw is used with, the light and handy device is also suitable for more complex tree cuts.


Einhell cordless pruning saw

What to look out for when buying an impact screwdriver

Cordless impact screwdriver, corded tool or car impact wrench for on the move? As well as the price-performance ratio, values such as torque and stroke count of the pneumatic impact screwdriver also play a part in your buying decision. Find out what other functions our impact wrenches offer here!


  1. Torque and sockets

Impact Wrenches or cordless impact screwdrivers are superior to conventional cordless screwdrivers in terms of maximum torque. With their special impact mechanism and torques of up to 450 Nm (depending on the model), they can even effortlessly tighten or loosen stuck long screws with a broad diameter. At the same time the hammer function is gentle on the wrist when working with high torques. All impact screwdrivers have an external square socket for securely fixing nuts and the simple bit holder, some models are also equipped with an internal hex socket.

Cordless impact screwdriver from Einhell



Einhell impact wrench

  1. Adapted to the material

Our cordless impact screwdrivers are fitted with a speed control to adjust the speed to the material when screwing. So you can not only screw in screws, but also loosen them, as all impact screwdrivers rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise. With out TE-CW 18 Li BL cordless impact screwdriver, changing tools is also easy thanks to the quick-stop function.



  1. Helpful equipment

Our various impact screwdriver models are equipped differently. For example, you'll find our cordless and car wrenches have an integrated LED light, for optimal illumination. Our cordless models also have a belt clip for storing the driver quickly and easily between jobs. The CC-HS 12/1 car impact wrench has an integrated spirit level, which helps to hold the driver in the optimum position in relation to the wheel, to loosen the screws effortlessly.

LED light of a Einhell impact screwdriver



Accessories of a Einhell impact wrench

  1. Practical accessories

Depending on the model, our impact wrenches come with different accessories. The electric impact wrenches for example, include a set of 17, 19, 21 and 22 mm sockets for changing tires and the CC-IW 950 impact wrench comes in a practical case. The car impact screwdriver also comes with a socket set (17, 19, 21, 23 mm). A bit adapter is included with our TE-CW 18 Li BL cordless impact screwdriver. The lithium ion battery and the Power X-Change charger are available separately for this model. Both are available as a practical starter set.



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